My experience with Yonit was fantastic. Though I had an easy and uncomplicated pregnancy, as first time parents my husband and I were unsure of what to expect and thrived from the extra support. Yonit is a wealth of information and she provided suggestions and resources during my pregnancy and helped us come up with a birth plan that we were both comfortable with. She was never biased about the decisions we made. During labour Yonit was able to help me stay calm and centred through a long delivery. I can't imagine having my next child without Yonit! 


-Jennifer and Mike






With the upcoming arrival of our first child, and limited family support, my husband and I knew that we would need some assistance.  A friend recommended that we hire a doula (either birth and/or post partum).  We decided that we would hire a post partum doula and were so fortunate to have found Yonit Jungreis.

Yonit is a certified doula that came to our rescue.  She is warm and caring and fit in with our family perfectly.  She is able to empathize and understand what a new, or even seasoned mother  is going through and is able to offer her full support.

We are so grateful to have had Yonit come into our home and family.  Yonit helped us smoothly make  the transition from ‘ married couple’ to ‘first time parents’.  It was hard to say goodbye but we know that there are other families that need her as much as we did and they are certainly in good hands. We wouldn’t hesitate to enlist her expertise again should we choose to expand our family. 


Thank you Yonit!  We couldn’t have done it without you!


-Rebecca and Ilan




Yonit met with my husband & I to discuss our needs and devise a birth plan. She helped me through the general anxiety I had with facing child birth & helped minimize the need for great medical intervention during my active labour. She is very skilled in coaching & providing relief during labour like deep breathing exercises & massage relief.  I believe my labour was more manageable with the help of Yonit. She is very dedicated to her patients. She directly focuses on your needs, she is very receptive to meeting your demands, also incredibly accommodating & respectful of your family dynamic. I felt very comfortable with her. We developed a great relationship in a short amount of time of knowing each other. This made me very comfortable in trusting her during my labour. I would highly recommend Yonit's doula services to all my family & friends. She is an excellent doula. I will definitely call upon her again if we ever have another child. 


-Teresa and Nick