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We have pre-designed packages for labour and birth support but we are happy to also create a package that is just right for you.


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Free Consultation 

All packages include a one hour initial meeting.


Phone & Email Support 

Availabllity to answer questions or provide information by phone and/ or email, both before and after baby. On call 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for the two weeks surrounding estimated due date.

Prenatal Consultation

One-to-two hour meeting with the new parents during pregnancy to discuss options for the birth and discuss and offer options for birth "wish list” as well as providing any additional information and resources the parents may need.

Professional Information 

Hands-on education about infant and mother care (breastfeeding, bathing, diapering, calming techniques, preparation of formula if bottle feeding).

During Labour

Acting as a labour assistant, a birth doula guides the labour process with continuous, compassionate and uninterrupted expert support.  She uses positioning, massage, emotional support and in-depth knowledge of childbirth to encourage the mother and baby towards a successful outcome.

Postpartum Follow-up Visit 

Postpartum visit at your home to follow up on family & baby after birth, discuss birth experience & breastfeeding support.   

Community Referrals

Referral to another care provider should the client's needs exceed our scope of practice.