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Nursing your baby is amazing!

What about weaning?  

Weaning your baby never been so easy, with the right SUPPORT, empowerment and steps you will be able to wean your baby/toddler.


How to wean?

When is the right time to start?

What if my baby is exclusively nursing? 

How to dry and slow down your milk supply without getting blocked ducts or mastitis? 

What age is right? Going back to work but looking to continue nursing....

Your baby falls asleep only while nursing? 

Gentle , loving & positive mother-led weaning is possible! 


Join me into your journey, let me guid & help you through the process of weaning. 

Online - one on one meeting, unlimited text & support via WhatsApp until you have sucssefully weaned your baby. 

consistency-love-trust-care is the key to a successful weaning. 


email me for more details.