What is the first sense that develops in the womb?

The sense of touch.

In the first few months after babies are born we communicate and answer their cries mainly through touch.

Babies and children love to be touched, they flourish from it, and it is a crucial part of their growth and devlepment. 


Touch therapy research has shown that nurturing touch for children is critical in establishing the foundation of their overall sense of wellbeing.

The dynamic of parent/primary caregiver-infant interaction is the most important foundation which a child learns about the self, trust and respect. Infant massage is a natural way that parents learn about parenting and that infants can learn about being loved and honoured. 


There are many benefits of baby massage therapy which includes improvement of overall functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, blood circulation, relaxation, and much more. 


Esti Kedem is a certified infant massage teacher who was trained and certified with 'Liddle Kidz Foundation". She has three young children and believes that baby and even toddler massage has been extremely effective as well as beneficial for her family. "It created an overall calming environment and set a positive experience within our family".

During these classes, you will have the opportunity to practice on your own baby or a doll which we will provide. You will meet new families and learn about the many different massage techniques, tips and advantages  which you will later be able to offer to your baby


Please check our calender for upcoming classes.