Becoming new parents, we wanted an experienced professional that would help us work as a team and encourage us to stick to our plan of natural birth. Prenatal classes were helpful, yet we wanted more preparation mentally and physically. We decided to get a Doula and found Esti. She was simply amazing in every aspect. We had two meetings with her before the delivery to get ready and be well equipped for the big day. Up until the day of the delivery, Esti checked in with us to see how things were progressing. On the day of delivery, Esti talked us through the contractions progress and instructed us when to go to the hospital. We were really happy she was there to keep track of everything, it was getting over whelming. We arrived at the hospital where we met Esti. She assisted us all along, keeping the mother comforted, showed techniques of how to deal with contractions. Always knew what to do, when and how to facilitate the labor. Supported and encouraged us when it became really hard. After the birth she was always available on call and followed up to ask how we’re doing. In the early days we had really hard time to latch the baby and the mother was getting exhausted and frustrated, Esti arrived and within 5 seconds showed us how to get the child well latched and breast fed. Bottom line, Esti is a real professional, attentive, available 24/7. We highly recommend her as a Doula to any parents. Lots of love, S&A.

As first-time parents to twin girls, Esti provided valuable post-partum support to my husband and I.

Esti has provided us with both night and day support - allowing my husband and I to get some much-needed rest, run errands and attend appointments, among other things.

Esti has been a pleasure to work with.

She is professional, knowledgeable and most importantly,

she is loving and playful with our girls.

Esti has been a great source of support as our twins have grown from tiny, premature babies to thriving, happy girls.

The level of comfort and trust we have for Esti is a testament to her experience and personality.

We trust her to help care for the two things most precious to us - our sweet girls!  The A. Family.



The best choice in my life !!!

Thanks to Esti From  "Love To Doula" I had an amazing experience during my first labour.

Her Emotional support , patience , care shown for me and my husband throughout the process and the forces that she gave me in every contraction and push allowed me to relax and have a quick, NO Epidural,  and full of love birth giving.

After we got home the help just continued . we didn't even have to call ! she was just there at any time to answer any question ! 

Esti was was always there for us, and still is - Plain and simple !

Thank you love, you're our guardian angel. No words can describe our thanks for you.

Recommended and even necessary for every couple whose expecting. The Koren Family.