Doula & Daddy 


While labour is all about the mother, sometimes we forget that being a labour coach can be challenging too. Doulas take some of the weight off the coach so they can be as active in the experience as possible.


Many fathers are concerned that the doula will replace them in the delivery room. But that’s not the case. With a doula, a father can share in the birth in a way that fits his comfort level. The doula’s skills and knowledge can help him to feel more relaxed, which in turn eases the mother’s stress.


Many hope that their first birthing experience will be an intimate event.  What’s so special about a doula is that she doesn’t invade on the intimacy of birth. In fact, she encourages closeness and togetherness by acting as a buffer between the new parents, medical staff, and other family members. .


A doula isn't a replacement for the labouring mother’s partner.  Instead, she helps out by taking over some of the duties. This way, the partner can just be there for the mother, focusing on her, and not worrying about the details.


While expectant mothers receive extensive education at their pre-natal appointment, we just expect new fathers-to-be to become familiar with the process of birth, and to understand medical procedures and hospital protocols - often without any preparation. Their job is to advocate for their partner in an environment they may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with.


A doula provides that middle ground. She can share information to help parents make appropriate decisions and facilitate communication between the labouring woman, her partner and medical care providers.