Childbirth Education Workshop

We believe that childbirth is an amazing experience that mothers and fathers will  remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. In our experience, prenatal preparation for parenting, and support during birth and early postpartum can help strengthen family connections and ease the transition into motherhood & parenthood.



Workshop Topics: 

  • Pregnancy in Trimesters

  • Nutrition & Fitness During pregnancy

  • Prenatal check ups 

  • Labour- signs, stages, coping techniques .

  • Hospital stay and delivery room  - what to bring

  • Partner Support During pregnancy & Birth

  • What to buy for the baby and how to prepare 

Workshop Fee- $99 +HST.

Private sessions are quoted individualy.

Class space is limited,

Please fill out a registration form and pay the class fee to secure your spot 

*Love To Doula reserves the right to adjust prices, change dates and times, restrict enrolment or cancel workshops. HST must be added to all fees for anyone ,Refund policies may vary per program.